In April of 2017, Watershed was contracted by AECOM North America to build a bio-engineered bank structure on Flathead Lake in Somers Montana. The project site consisted of a newly built gravel beach and riparian berm to stop Flathead lake from eroding into a former holding pond at the closed BNSF railroad tie plant. Our crew built a 1200 linear foot willow brush mattress, planted a 5500 square foot palustrine emergent wetland and armored it with a coir log toe and coir matting , and planted 2,000 containerized wetland shrubs on the riparian berm to create a palustrine scrub shrub wetland. When finished, we built a waterfowl exclusion fence and an irrigation system to promote growth before the lake reached full pool in July 2017.

Somers Bay Lake Shore Stabilization