Watershed Consulting provides future generations with natural resources, ecosystems and watersheds that are healthier, more diverse and more resilient than those we inherited by emphasizing the conservation and restoration of natural processes.

Our scope of services


Ecological assessment and monitoring

  • Stream, riparian & wetland functional assessments
  • Watershed restoration planning 
  • Totam maximum daily load (TMDL) studies
  • Soil disturbance assessments 
  • Fish and wildlife surveys & habitat evaluation
  • Forest health assessments


Ecological restoration design & construction

  • Stream, riparian & wetland restoration
  • Upland restoration & reclamation 
  • Forest enhancement
  • Restoration implementation & construction



  • Pine bark beetle treatment
  • Hazardous fuels reduction
  • Commercial thinning
  • Precommercial thinning
  • Prescribed burning


Private land stewardship

  • Sustainable land use planning
  • Fish pond construction & habitat enhancement
  • Wildlife habitat improvements



  • Fruit and shade tree pruning and care
  • Tree planting and removal
  • Orchard and urban forest design
  • Fruit tree and native plant sales


Floating Treatment Wetlands

  • Provide habitat above and below waterline
  • Remove water pollutants without the need for chemical treatment
  • Prevent harmful algae blooms by removing excess nutrients
  • Designed and engineered to any size, shape and application


Watershed Aerial

  • High resolution geo referenced base maps
  • Digital elevation models
  • Vegetation community mapping 
  • Floodplain mapping