Restoration Design & Construction

Successful, long-term restoration should address the underlying causes of ecosystem degradation instead of only treating symptoms. Our restoration scientists understand the connections between stream, riparian and upland ecosystems. The equipment operators on our crew are Rosgen certified, they have both the passion and education to be managing construction in sensitive environments.


We apply cost-effective techniques to restore ecological functions and natural processes on your landscape. We take cues from nearby reference conditions and apply targeted and proven techniques to address the major factors that limit your land’s ability to heal itself. 


With services ranging from project design and mapping to construction and monitoring, we work closely with clients to ensure project success. 

Stream, riparian & wetland restoration services

  • Site assessment, design & permitting

  • Environmental construction

  • Erosion control & slope stabilization

  • Soil excavation & earthwork

  • Riparian revegetation design & implementation

  • Wetland restoration & establishment

  • Geomorphic analysis & restoration design

  • Soil bioengineering & modification services

  • Fish & wildlife habitat improvement

  • Seed and cutting collections

  • Custom growing

  • Integrated weed management

  • Post-project monitoring & maintenance

  • Research & revegetation manuals 

Upland restoration & reclamation services

  • Feasibility studies

  • Site assessment and design

  • Steep slope restoration

  • Gravel pit restoration

  • Placer, hardrock & coal mine reclamation

  • Drill pad revegetation

  • Road decommissioning and revegetation

  • Roadside vegetation establishment

  • Evapo-transpiration cap-vegetation design

  • Erosion control and slope stabilization

  • Contaminated soil remediation

  • Custom seed mixes

  • Seed collection and custom growing