Private Land Stewardship

Owning a piece of Montana can be incredibly rewarding, with a unique set of opportunities but also with some challenges. Our staff can help you in living compatibly and comfortably with your land. We offer unique services that allow you to enjoy a self-reliant lifestyle in a wildland setting while enhancing the fish and wildlife habitat on your property.


We manage properties large and small throughout Western Montana. Many of the properties we manage belong to absentee landowners. Ownerships range from urban backyards to rural homesteads to large ranches and forestlands.

Private land stewardship services

  • Sustainable land use planning

  • Fish habitat improvements and increased fishing opportunities

  • Pond construction and floating treatment wetlands

  • Wildlife habitat improvements

  • Forest management and sawmilling services

  • Integrated weed management

  • Road construction and reclamation services

  • Homesteading skills for landowners