Our foresters specialize in timber stand health and sustainable forest management to enhance ecologic integrity, reduce hazardous fuels, and promote forest resiliency. We are involved in all phases of each project from assessment and planning to felling, skidding, and forest health prescriptions.


Our foresters achieve landowner objectives through pre- commercial thinning, commercial thinning, and prescribed burning.  We also perform a wide range of forest inventory cruising throughout Montana and Idaho including Stand Exams, Volume Estimates and Check Cruising.

Forestry services

  • Hazardous fuels reduction

  • Commercial thinning

  • Precommercial thinning

  • Prescribed burning

  • Reforestation

  • Timber assessments & speciality logging

  • Wildlife habitat improvements 

  • Road construction, management, & obliteration

  • Integrated weed management

  • Grant opportunities for private land forest work

  • Inventory

  • Custom sawmilling: Bad Goat Forest Products