Ecological Assessments & Monitoring

We combine thorough analysis in the field with the latest mapping technologies to help clients visualize and prioritize the primary causes of impairment to their systems and then develop the appropriate restoration design. 


Our team of scientists and technicians are experienced in standard assessment protocol for regional agencies (DEQ, FWP, USFS) and have also created customized assessments to address specific issues such as sediment sources, soil contamination or point-source pollutants.

Stream, riparian & wetland assessment services

  • Riparian bio-physical and bank erosion/stability assessments

  • Aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling

  • Aquatic invasive species surveys

  • Wetland delineation and functional assessments

  • Water quality and quantity monitoring

  • Stream geomorphic assessments

Soil assessment services

Forest assessment services

See Forestry page for details

  • Soil disturbance assessments

  • NEPA: EA/EIS/FONSI preparation

  • Soil protection design features

  • Soil classification & mapping

  • Toxic soil remediation

  • Soil fertility testing, drainage and capability assessments

  • Steep slope stabilization

  • Soil bioengineering

  • Soil stewardship recommendations

  • Training in soil biophysical assessments and soil restoration techniques

Watershed planning & TMDL services

  • Watershed restoration planning and prioritization

  • Water quality monitoring & modelling

  • Stream and riparian ecological condition assessments

  • Road network inventory and BMP effectiveness

  • Watershed-scale mapping

  • Geomorphological evaluation

  • Sediment source assessment and mitigation

  • Wildlife habitat evaluations

  • Insect, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal surveys

  • Threatened and Endangered Species & habitat inventory

  • U.S. Forest Service fish habitat surveys - R1/R4 

Fish and wildlife surveys & habitat evaluation