Watershed Aerial

Watershed Aerial, a division of Watershed Consulting, provides up-to-date, high resolution image maps and point cloud data for Missoula and Western Montana. We use Google Earth and a survey grade mapping drone (senseFly eBee) to visualize the output from the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).


The system produces point cloud data and high resolution imagery which can be utilized in a wide spectrum of proprietary and open-source GIS packages. Our UAS has the ability to utilize RGB (Red, Green and Blue) cameras for the visible light spectrum as well as cameras for the non-visible light spectrums such as near-infrared and red-edge and thermal.

Aerial Services

Orthomosaic, 3D model and point cloud data outputs for:

  • High resolution geo referenced base maps

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

  • Change monitoring

  • Flood plain mapping

  • Erosion monitoring and volume estimates

  • Storm damage assessments

  • Forest mapping, inventory and planning

  • Stockpile volume calculations

  • Animal tracking surveys

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Vegetation growth and health analysis

For more information,
visit senseFly.com.